Supercheap Storage Auckland


If you’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying convenience of mobile storage, then you’re in for a treat with us.

Supercheap Storage Auckland delivers portable storage modules directly to your home or business and there are no additional costs for the team and the vehicles that bring the storage that you need. In fact, the fuel, insurance and travel time are all accounted for when you book your delivery slot!

We can help you save so much money, time and effort with our mobile storage system that you’ll be wondering why you haven’t hired us before now!


Once our team arrives on location, you can take on the load on your own with our Standard Service or select our Premium Service if you need some helping hands (2 of them!) for loading. Our guys and gals are well trained and very experienced, so you can rest assured that we will do our best when we’re on the job.

And you can trust the expertise of our consultants who aren’t on site too! We’ll be happy to supply you with some important tips so that you can get ready for when we arrive. Simple things like how to pack safely with protection to all the items within your boxes and in particular certain objects like books and documents need special instructions too!