Supercheap Storage Christchurch

Let Supercheap Storage Christchurch introduce you to a simplified way of carrying out self storage, and all for so much cheaper than anyone else.


We know that each person finds self storage coming from a different background and motivated for so many different types of reasons. In this way, the self storage plan needs to be unique and tailor made for your special situation! So what happens, is that when you make contact with us, our telephone customer service officer will walk you through some simple questions that have been designed to help us understand what you need and assist you in decision making.

When we have the information that we need – like the volume of items that you need to store, whether you need any extra hands on the job and also your budget (most importantly), we can start developing a quotation for you. And you won’t be able to believe how cheap that quotation is going to be.


Our Mobile Storage Units are handled by our team of professional and efficient removalists all the way from our storage facilities to where you are and back – that means that we can cut out transferring your items from hand to hand when things are in transit.

This is going to save you so much trouble and money that would otherwise have been spent on double labour charges and handling fees. In fact, because everything stays intact within the storage unit from loading to storing, it reduces the potential for damage and injury to your items!


Supercheap Storage Christchurch operates in an entirely different way from other self storage companies that allows us to keep our prices low and fixed over long term periods of time. In fact, the longer you store with us, the cheaper the rates get because we really love loyal customers and have made sure that our system works out so that we can reward customers who go the long run with us!